Sunday, September 30

Spicy mini lobsters (crawfish) in China

These little lobster sure looks cute and tasty when put on the plate. BUT wait till you know more about these little creature....

These mini crustaceans are literally the garbage cleaners in the sewage treatment plants. The "dirtier" the water, the fatter these mini lobsters become. Their lungs are full of worms (see pic below) and their flesh saturated with poisonous metals. Unscrupulous merchants somehow found a way to get these marketed to eateries. Do not order this dish.

Some may even question if any gwailo enjoy these kind of food beside the chinese.
Well, at least I know Mr. bean don't by looking at his expression....hahahahaa.


Sensei Michael said...

I'm curious - how did you get to know about this? Where's your source?

Anonymous said...

Where did you get this information? I could not find any other source that supports this information.


Anonymous said...

I came upon your webby after some friends of mine have been circulating a what-I-believe-is-a-hoax-bt-Paragonimiasis-infecting-crayfish piece of news via email.

I admit I have little knowledge of this yabbies but as far as I know, it is a popular freshwater pet. I'd kept it for sometimes too. However, based on my knowledge bt its ecology, I could say that this is truly a hoax.

First of all,my first point has already proven this is fake.
The yabbies cannot tolerate polluted water. The sentence saying 'the dirtier the water, the fatter the lobster' does not prove correct.

Second, it is a delicacy in China, no doubt is it in Scandanivian & Mexico either. Although most Paragonimiasis occur in Asia, I sense there could be a bias in this article, particularly aiming China due to its infamous 'black' dishes & products.

Thirdly,the vector for this parasitic lung fluke is mainly in freshwater snails and Chinese mitten crabs. I would say that the Chinese mitten crab would be more effective in transmitting Paragonimiasis since this is eaten raw & is enjoyed worldwide by millions of people, rather than the cooked yabbies, that are enjoyed at particular continents.

Forthly, this particular species
Paragonimus westermani will only infect human if freshwater crayfish or crabs are eaten raw. By looking at the deliciousily spicy cooked crayfish, it seems harmless to be infected.

Generalizing all yabbies cause lung infections is not appropriate. FYI, there is another crayfish species that can tolerate polluted water, which appears to be an invasive species, but it is not served on dishes. Instead, it is a biological control to pests in some countries.

I understand your anticipation of posting this article to highlight the issue of infection to humans by parasites. However, I also hope that facts are there to support before any further hoax emails about whatever other things is circulated freaking people worldwide.

Anonymous said...

you post is a fake. and you are an idiot. these are called crayfish. People have been eating these in the south (North America) - New Orleans - for ages. BTW, lobsters are originally bottom feeders that poor people feast on. It was only in the last century that it became a food of the rich.

Anonymous said...

hey man... i came across this post while getting information to debunk the myth about mini lobsters...

you may wanna have a look at this: