Tuesday, July 3

Special Banana Trunks

Policemen opening the bundles of banana trunks, wrapped in burial cloth. Nails had been hammered into the trunks which had been buried in the Kampung Banggol cemetery.

PASIR MAS: Villagers here were relieved that six banana trunks were finally removed from the graveyard they were buried in.

But the bomoh who buried them in the Kampung Banggol cemetery said it would affect the "treatment" he gave to a family from Penang.

Six days ago, bomoh Mohamed Ariffin Ibrahim buried the banana trunks, wrapped in burial cloths, to imprison "evil spirits".

This caused an uproar in the village, with rumours spreading that aliens from outer space had been buried there.

"They don’t believe that the banana trunks contain evil spirits that I was trying to imprison. Removing them will affect the treatment I provided to a family plagued by a group of spirits," he said at the graveyard.

Ariffin said he would not be responsible for "whatever happened" after they are removed.
Don't say I didn't warn you! Open at your own risk....!!!

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