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Let’s work more, holiday less?

That's not a good idea
By : N.A.S., Puchong, Selangor

THE suggestion to reduce public holidays is unfair to private-sector workers who mostly work 5½ days a week.

With annual leave of 14 days plus 16 days of public holidays, they work 256 days a year.

Workers in the construction sector work six days a week; with maximum annual leave of 16 days and 10 days of public holiday, they work 287 days a year. Christmas, Hari Raya, Thaipusam, Wesak Day are not public holidays for them.

Civil servants work less than two-thirds of a year. They do not work for 104 days (weekends). They have annual leave of about 25 days a year and 16 days of public holiday. This means they work for only about 220 days a year.

Civil servants enjoy good pay with benefits, which is actually paid by taxpayers. So they should work like private-sector workers.
I suggest the government get civil servants to work on Saturdays, reduce their annual leave, do away with tea breaks and limit lunch breaks to one hour to increase productivity and efficiency.

The delivery system in government offices and departments is slow. For example, complaints made in 2004 have not been resolved and the people suffer.

Don’t rob us of our public holidays. We work an extra one to two months compared with government servants. We also need time with our families.


A Government servant from Penang says :

Take a person who works in Selangor. Out of the 365 days in a year, 104 days are weekends. That leaves 261 weekdays. There are16 national holidays and three state holidays. That leaves 242 workdays.

If a person takes three weeks’ annual leave, there will only be 221 workdays. So on average a person will only work for about four and a quarter days a week.

As everyone is aware, on the eve of long public holidays, not much office work gets done as everyone is in a holiday mood. Groups asking for more public holidays are just too unrealistic.

Let’s work more, holiday less

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