Monday, July 9

Everybody love it "LIGHT"

We have AutoCAD LT* (LT also known as Lite or light)

ries types of Lite Beer & Beverages ....

Plenty of types of Lite Foods ....

Even now auto company is having it too ! Introducing Proton Savvy Lite !

"Proton has launched a new Proton Savvy variant called the Proton Savvy Lite that comes in both 5-speed manual and 5-speed AMT automatic form. The report by Bernama is a little too vague and only reports the price of these two cars - RM33,549 for the manual and RM36,549 for the AMT, a big saving compared to the standard Savvy’s price of RM40,240 for the manual and RM43,182.12 for the AMT." source from Paul Tan

Malaysia Boleh !!

1. The new Savvy Lite will be limited to only 11,000 units and will cease production in March 2008.

2. The Savvy Lite will be almost devoid of accesories, something like the low-spec base line Iswara.

The differences:

- Available only in White (solid) or Black (metallic), white will only be available from September 2007.
- Only 2 front speakers (no rear speakers)
- 14inch steel rims (will have hub caps)
- No power window
- No rear head rest
- No front fog lamp
- No luggage lamp
- No rear wiper
- No reverse sensor
- No hood insulator
- No alarm or immobilizer
- No rear spoiler
(may also possibly come with only cassette player, no confirmation)

The Price (OTR)
MT (solid) : RM 33,549
MT (metallic) : RM 33,999
AMT (solid) : RM 36,549
AMT (metallic) : RM 36,999

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