Monday, July 30

New DAP in Puchong ?

Blogger Ooi to join DAP and contest in polls

PETALING JAYA: Prominent blogger Jeff Ooi is set to join the DAP and contest in the general election.

The DAP is planning a “welcoming ceremony” on Tuesday to announce his crossover from blogosphere to party politics. Top party leaders as well as some of Ooi’s blogger friends will attend the ceremony.

Ooi, in his 50s, is an e-business consultant but is better known for his blog which focuses on current issues with an emphasis on politics. He is also an expert of sorts on the new media.

According to sources, the party has Ooi in mind for the Puchong parliamentary seat as well as the Kinrara state seat.

Thursday, July 19

"Pandamaran King" face 13 charges

PETALING JAYA (July 18, 2007): For constructing a mansion without approval and defaulting on assessement fees for 11 years, all he got was a slap on the wrist; for serving as a senator while a bankrupt, he got away scot free. But it seems that luck is running out for Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros.

On Friday (July 20), he is expected to appear in a Kuala Lumpur sessions court to face 13 charges under the Companies' Act 1965.

Each charge comes with a fine of up to RM30,000 and five years jail.

Detail report from Sun2Surf : Zakaria faces 13 Charges


What about these guys ? Are they off the hook ?|!

'It is the architect’s fault' - Faizal Abdullah. The third Klang Municipal Councillor who constructed a bungalow without approval.

'Everyone is doing it, but my house is small' - Mazlynoor Abdul Latiff. The second Klang Municipal Councillor caught building his house in Kampung Raja Uda in Klang without approval.

How many millionaires are there actually in Singapore?

In the recently released World Wealth Report, the number of millionaires in Singapore has increased in number. Last year, some 67,000 Singaporeans had at least USD1 million worth of assets, an increase of 21% over the year before. Singapore's number of millionaires is the world's fastest growing, followed by India and Indonesia growing at 20.5% and 16% respectively.

(Lim Hong Eng/ Sin Chew Daily) reports:
Am I A Millionaire? Updated:2007-07-16 19:14:47 MYT
"To become a real millionaire, he must at least have a decent home, be dressed attractively, travel overseas and visit expensive restaurants frequently. Perhaps, he should also have a vacation home. Besides car, there is as well a small yacht. If he still has to constantly worry about insufficient money to lead his remaining life, then he is but a poor millionaire!"

But if someone takes the SGD1 million to a place where the standard of living is relatively lower, then he can really lead a millionaire's life. He can buy a mansion with only SGD200,000 and have maids serving him, and spend the rest of his SGD800,000 over the next 20 to 30 years. Then he can proudly claim to be a millionaire.

Alternatively, he can look for a comfortable home in the countryside or village, where there is mountain, water and sufficient food. He also doesn't have to worry about inadequate pension. He is a millionaire who can really enjoy himself!

At the end of the day, how many millionaires are there actually in Singapore? It seems that no one has the actual answer.

I would rather not have USD1 million, but can live really like a millionaire!

SINGAPORE ~ High living Standard, Low Quality of Life ?!?
Kiasu say: No I don't agree at all, Singkapor is a 'Fine' City ma!.

Daily Life of Lois

Another Controversial MTV

La la la ku......

Wednesday, July 18

Porche Stolen Again - from police station

BUKIT MERTAJAM (July 17, 2007): If you think a police station is a secure place, think again. A RM963,000 Porsche 911 Targa 4 - which was stolen yesterday from the Naza showroom in Juru's Autocity at about 1.50pm but was recovered half an hour later - went missing again that night right under the police's nose. .....

Oink ....oink !!!

Here are some useful tips for all car owners.
Auto Theft Prevention Tips
  1. Take Your Keys. One out of every five vehicles stolen had the keys in it.
  2. Lock Your Car. Almost half of all vehicles stolen were left unlocked.
  3. Don't Hide a Second Set of Keys in Your Car. Extra keys can easily be found if a thief takes time to look.
  4. Park in Well-Lighted Areas.
  5. Park in Attended Lots. Auto thieves do not like witnesses and prefer unattended parking lots.
  6. Only give ignition/door key to parking attendant. If your trunk and glove box use the same key as the door, have one of them changed. Don't give the attendant easy access to your glove box and trunk. Upon returning, check the tires, spare and battery to insure they are the same as those you had when you parked.
  7. Don't leave your car running unattended. Vehicles are commonly stolen at convenience stores, gas stations, ATM's, etc. Many vehicles are also stolen on cold mornings when the owner leaves the vehicle running to warm up.
  8. Completely Close Car Windows When Parking. Don't make it any easier for the thief to enter your vehicle.
  9. Hide Your Valuables. Don't make your car a more desirable target for thieves by leaving valuables in plain sight.
  10. DO NOT leave the car overnight in the Police Station. It is not the safest place at all

Need some serious prevention sh*t to protect your car ?
Here you go, introducing Tesladownunders Car Theft Protection (2007)

Malaysia is an Islamic State

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is an Islamic State but protects the rights of ethnic minorities, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak said Tuesday (July 17th). "Islam is the official religion, and we are an Islamic state," he said. "We have always been driven by our adherence to the fundamentals of Islam."

What the heck does he mean ?!? I believe many people are confused with Najib's recent statement but more will have their own saying too.

Ronnie Liu has share some of his opinion in his blog, Color-Blind :
"Having Islam as the official religion does not make Malaysia an Islamic state.
A government driven by Islamic fundamentals also would not make it an Islamic state. What more in Malaysia, we were not driven by Islamic fundamentals as claimed by the deputy prime minister. How could he call Malaysia an Islamic state when we still have licensed casino like the Genting, lotteries like Magnum, Toto, 3+1D and Bigsweeps?

And how about draconian laws that clearly go against the tenets of Islam like ISA (detention without trial) and OSA?

Does Najib know that in an Islamic state, you cannot have Sultan or King as the supreme leader of the land has to be an ulamak ( religious guru)? "

Siapa betul dan Siapa B.S. ?!?
It is up to reader them self to make their own judgments.

Tuesday, July 17

Red or Blue Pill ?

Morpheus: I imagine that right now you're feeling a bit like Alice. Tumbling down the rabbit hole?
Neo: You could say that.

Morpheus : I can see it in your eyes. You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he's expecting to wake up. Ironically, this is not far from the truth. Do you believe in fate, Neo?
Neo: No.

Morpheus: Why not?
Neo: 'Cause I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life.

Morpheus : I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know, you can't explain. But you feel it. You felt it your entire life. That there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there. Like a splinter in your mind -- driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?
Neo : The Matrix?

Morpheus : Do you want to know what it is?
Morpheus : The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, or when go to church or when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
Neo : What truth?

Morpheus : That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born inside a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch. A prison for your mind. (long pause, sighs) Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back.

Morpheus : You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. (a red pill is shown in his other hand)You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
(Long pause; Neo begins to reach for the red pill)

Remember -- all I am offering is the truth, nothing more.

Warning!!- If you can't take the truth, please leave at will...

Monday, July 9

Everybody love it "LIGHT"

We have AutoCAD LT* (LT also known as Lite or light)

ries types of Lite Beer & Beverages ....

Plenty of types of Lite Foods ....

Even now auto company is having it too ! Introducing Proton Savvy Lite !

"Proton has launched a new Proton Savvy variant called the Proton Savvy Lite that comes in both 5-speed manual and 5-speed AMT automatic form. The report by Bernama is a little too vague and only reports the price of these two cars - RM33,549 for the manual and RM36,549 for the AMT, a big saving compared to the standard Savvy’s price of RM40,240 for the manual and RM43,182.12 for the AMT." source from Paul Tan

Malaysia Boleh !!

1. The new Savvy Lite will be limited to only 11,000 units and will cease production in March 2008.

2. The Savvy Lite will be almost devoid of accesories, something like the low-spec base line Iswara.

The differences:

- Available only in White (solid) or Black (metallic), white will only be available from September 2007.
- Only 2 front speakers (no rear speakers)
- 14inch steel rims (will have hub caps)
- No power window
- No rear head rest
- No front fog lamp
- No luggage lamp
- No rear wiper
- No reverse sensor
- No hood insulator
- No alarm or immobilizer
- No rear spoiler
(may also possibly come with only cassette player, no confirmation)

The Price (OTR)
MT (solid) : RM 33,549
MT (metallic) : RM 33,999
AMT (solid) : RM 36,549
AMT (metallic) : RM 36,999

Are You A Slave To Money?

Money means different things to different people, and it can buy us experiences that are unique to us.

" A friend of mine told me her dream was to buy a brand new Porsche. Bridget had worked out she could afford it if she added the loan to her mortgage and paid it off over 25 years. Being financially savvy she knew the real cost of the car but said it was something she just wanted to do in her lifetime so the expense would be worth it. When I found out she had not yet driven one we arranged a test drive. We had only been driving five minutes when I asked her if the car 'did it for her? Was it worth it?' She replied, 'I don't know, I think I might sooner have six months skiing in Aspen.'

We discussed how she would feel returning to the workplace in order to pay for it. She told me she would not have a problem owning a better car than the General Manager but she would find it difficult going back to the boring job she had. To her that car was a metaphor for the excitement that she otherwise lacked in her life. Buying it would have provided the biggest adrenalin rush, after that it would have been down hill all the way. What she really wanted to do was break out and test her self-belief. Fortunately she realised in time that a car repayment plan was not the answer. "



Advice: Dept Free or be slave to money.

Sunday, July 8

Don't Let Money Lead You Down the Wrong Career Path

MonsterTRAK Career Coach

by Peter Vogt

"I'm just wondering: What is a good field to go into after college? I'm in my first year of college and have changed my major twice. I want to make at least $90,000 a year and will do just about anything that doesn't involve a lot of math. Could you give me some options?"

These words are troubling. The person who wrote them seems intent on choosing his future career based entirely on one variable: Money. Sadly, if he goes ahead with this strategy, he'll almost certainly wind up disappointed.

The issue isn't the moral one: "Money is the root of all evil." It's actually a very practical one: There's much more to your career choice than money, and what seems like a high-paying career path now may not turn out that way.

Slippery Salaries

The salary numbers you see here on Monster and elsewhere are median figures, meaning half of the people working in the field earn less than that figure. And of course, whenever you're reading about the financial future of a particular career, you're dealing with predictions, not known facts. Just ask one of the thousands of disenchanted grads who decided to major in an information technology-related field when they began school in 1999 or 2000, thinking it would lead to instant, high-paying jobs when they graduated in 2003 or 2004.

But forget about the money for a moment. What about:

Your Interests?

Many of those 1999 and 2000 IT majors mentioned above had little or no true interest in information technology. They simply saw dollar signs when they made their initial career decisions, not to mention what seemed like boundless opportunity.

Now many are struggling to find jobs and doing so with an additional burden: They're not all that excited about the prospect of actually succeeding in their IT-related job search.

Don't make the same mistake. Choosing a career because you think the money will be great, even though you are not really interested in the field, is a recipe for boredom or worse -- clinical depression, for example. Making a choice this way will cost you a great deal in the long run.

Your Abilities and Skills?

It doesn't get any more practical than this: If you choose a career for the money but don't have the abilities and skills to do the job, you won't hold that job for very long, assuming you even land one in the first place.

Good-bye, money. And hello to lots of wasted time and effort spent on your too-short career or too-long job search.

Your Values?

You may discover that your high-paying career requires you do things you'd rather not be doing, things that even keep you awake at night. Will an 80-hour-a-week job clash with your home life? Will your job force you to compromise your integrity, self-respect or even play games with the law? The courts are filled with highly paid executive defendants and less highly paid witnesses to their transgressions. Is being in either role worth it to you?

Your Personality?

If you're a shy, introverted person who needs a lot of peaceful alone time, money won't buy you peace and quiet when your job forces you to schmooze with strangers for 50 or 60 hours a week. If you're a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type and your job calls for excruciating attention to detail plus outstanding organizational skills, how long will your paycheck sustain your psychological health, assuming you can keep performing the tasks?

Consider the long-term implications of your career choices. Selecting a career based solely on the promise of big money now may be a short-term decision that can lead to a lengthy and costly career change later.


Are You A Slave To Money? By the way, who isn't ?. .... think about it.

Saturday, July 7

Let’s work more, holiday less?

That's not a good idea
By : N.A.S., Puchong, Selangor

THE suggestion to reduce public holidays is unfair to private-sector workers who mostly work 5½ days a week.

With annual leave of 14 days plus 16 days of public holidays, they work 256 days a year.

Workers in the construction sector work six days a week; with maximum annual leave of 16 days and 10 days of public holiday, they work 287 days a year. Christmas, Hari Raya, Thaipusam, Wesak Day are not public holidays for them.

Civil servants work less than two-thirds of a year. They do not work for 104 days (weekends). They have annual leave of about 25 days a year and 16 days of public holiday. This means they work for only about 220 days a year.

Civil servants enjoy good pay with benefits, which is actually paid by taxpayers. So they should work like private-sector workers.
I suggest the government get civil servants to work on Saturdays, reduce their annual leave, do away with tea breaks and limit lunch breaks to one hour to increase productivity and efficiency.

The delivery system in government offices and departments is slow. For example, complaints made in 2004 have not been resolved and the people suffer.

Don’t rob us of our public holidays. We work an extra one to two months compared with government servants. We also need time with our families.


A Government servant from Penang says :

Take a person who works in Selangor. Out of the 365 days in a year, 104 days are weekends. That leaves 261 weekdays. There are16 national holidays and three state holidays. That leaves 242 workdays.

If a person takes three weeks’ annual leave, there will only be 221 workdays. So on average a person will only work for about four and a quarter days a week.

As everyone is aware, on the eve of long public holidays, not much office work gets done as everyone is in a holiday mood. Groups asking for more public holidays are just too unrealistic.

Let’s work more, holiday less

Friday, July 6

Puchong Drift

Found this on Youtube yesterday, didn't know that we can find this in puchong.....
Fast & Furious eh!

Thursday, July 5

Improving your Odds Doesn’t Guarantee Success.

If he can do it, so can you ? Or is it just because his name is Bill ? and the richest man in the world ? Decide yourself what do you like to achieve in this life .....

Remarks of Bill Gates
Harvard Commencement, June 7, 2007

"I applaud the graduates today for taking a much more direct route to your degrees. For my part, I’m just happy that the Crimson has called me “Harvard’s most successful dropout.” I guess that makes me valedictorian of my own special class … I did the best of everyone who failed."

You may read the rest of Bill's speech here.

By the way, here are some another great advices from "Dumbing Down our Kids" by educator Charles Sykes. It is a list of eleven things you did not learn in school and directed at high school and college grads.
Talks about how feel-good, politically correct teaching has created a full generation of kids with no concept of reality and how this concept sets them up for failure in the real world.

Life is not fair - get used to it.

The world won't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself.

You will NOT make 40 thousand dollars a year right out of high school. You won't be a vice president with car phone, until you earn both.

If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss. He doesn't have tenure.

Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your grandparents had a different word for burger flipping they called it Opportunity.

If you mess up,it's not your parents' fault, so don't whine about your mistakes, learn from them.

Before you were born, your parents weren't as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about
how cool you are. So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parent's generation, try delousing the closet in your own room.

Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life has not. In some schools they have abolished failing grades and they'll give you as many times as you want to get the right answer. This doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to ANYTHING in real life.

Life is not divided into semesters. You don't get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you find yourself. Do that on your own time.

Television is NOT real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.

Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one.

Crime, Corruption, Gangsta ... etc.

What is going on with Malaysia nowadays ? Crime, Corruption, Gangsta ... etc
We hear it, we see it & we read it on internet almost every day..........w
here is the Law ?!?

Yeah! we definitely need some good answers..... Please, IGP, explain this!

What many may not realize is that the Chinese organized crime syndicate does not confine itself to just illegal or underworld businesses but dabbles in legitimate businesses as well -- such as Magnum 4D, licensed slot machines, licensed nightclubs and karaoke lounges, as well as government tenders and contracts; just like any ‘normal’ Umnoputra companies that have been beneficiaries of the New Economic Policy.
More from Malaysia Today :
‘Malaysia’s organised crime syndicate: all roads lead to Putrajaya’ and ‘The roaches are scurrying and the rats are hurrying’

Wednesday, July 4

Ipoh mali... yum yum!

How much would you be willing to pay for a plate of chicken rice?
Believe it or not, the most expensive chicken rice package in the world will cost you RM5888.

This luxurious chicken rice package for two offers a private plane trip to Ipoh so that guests can enjoy authentic Ipoh bean sprout chicken rice and white coffee.

On the first day, guests will enjoy complimentary breakfast, tea, candlelight dinner and cocktails in the hotel. At 7.30am the next day, guests will be transferred to Subang International Airport for a flight to Ipoh.

Before boarding a 4-seater aircraft, guests will be served with breakfast on the wing of the plane while it is on the tarmac.

Passengers will then be fly by Petronas Twin Towers and the magnificent Straits of Melaka.

After arriving in Ipoh, a luxurious car will be waiting to fetch the guests for a drive through Ipoh's old town.

According to the Traders Hotel Public Relations Manager Wu Shuqing (name transliterated), the luxurious package was introduced in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2007 and is meant to promote local delicacies. (Guang Ming Daily)


Siau leh....Puchong has better chicken rice la and cost not more then RM5. I guess this is more like a "joyride" for the rich and (wanted to be) famous.

Tuesday, July 3

Article: The Purpose of Education

So what is your project about?" I asked the boy 'interviewing' me for his school project. He became really busy noting down my details while asking his friends to tend to my query. There was some confusion amongst them and they finally concluded that they had no idea what it was about. One boy commented that even their teacher did not know.

These sweaty kids were obviously collecting data simply because they were told to, without knowing what purpose it would serve. Letting them embark on a project without ensuring that they were clear about its aim was a worrying sign about our schools.

I was lost in disbelief until I recalled how I myself never knew what my high school project was about. And how I don't remember my teacher trying to explain it to us. Perhaps our big class of 40 had something to do with it.

School was about being obedient and quiet in class. In later years, a teacher's attempt to encourage us to speak up was no match for our years of serious training to blend in; it was a culture whereby those who voluntarily spoke out were branded as "gila glamour" (glamour seeker/crazy) or something to that effect.

My conclusion was that I didn't learn much during my school days here. Fortunately I (and many others I hope) did so in later years. That led to the development of my individual mind-set and world-view. I was left wondering what the purpose of education is in our Malaysian context, and if our current education system is succeeding in achieving its goal?

We often talk about education in terms of literacy statistics but the reality is that in many countries its purpose ends in feeding the capitalist machinery. Is education merely the teaching of certain specific knowledge and skills to create a stable workforce? If so, a workforce for whom and towards what?

Or, should education also be for something less tangible - to empower individuals to be a force for positive social change? Aside from earning a living, I am inclined to include the latter definition as to the real purpose of education.

According to this purpose and definition, an "educated person" will not be, for example, a scientist who allows science to be used in a sexist way, and certainly not, say, an Oxford graduate whose language has a racist edge to it. Perhaps an educated person should include someone who is able to perceive and treat others as his or her equal. Most of us would fall short by that standard, but it is nevertheless an ideal we should strive for.

No one denies that our education system plays a major role in shaping Malaysia's future. Apart from what seems like a system to churn out an obedient and unquestioning workforce, our education policies seem to be reactionary to different demands from different groups in our society, rather than being pivotal in shaping a cohesive plan towards nation building.

As much as our education system produces the minds that shape our society, it is in itself a reflection of our society.

  • So how do we push for changes in our education system?

  • Do we have a say on how things are run?

  • Does our media reflect the real concerns of our people?

  • How do we present our concerns to those who can make those changes?

Perhaps it all starts in the actions of each and every one of us to influence each other and our decision makers.

Article by: Leow Mei Chern
Solution : Watch more reality shows and you will able to solve above questions.

Special Banana Trunks

Policemen opening the bundles of banana trunks, wrapped in burial cloth. Nails had been hammered into the trunks which had been buried in the Kampung Banggol cemetery.

PASIR MAS: Villagers here were relieved that six banana trunks were finally removed from the graveyard they were buried in.

But the bomoh who buried them in the Kampung Banggol cemetery said it would affect the "treatment" he gave to a family from Penang.

Six days ago, bomoh Mohamed Ariffin Ibrahim buried the banana trunks, wrapped in burial cloths, to imprison "evil spirits".

This caused an uproar in the village, with rumours spreading that aliens from outer space had been buried there.

"They don’t believe that the banana trunks contain evil spirits that I was trying to imprison. Removing them will affect the treatment I provided to a family plagued by a group of spirits," he said at the graveyard.

Ariffin said he would not be responsible for "whatever happened" after they are removed.
Don't say I didn't warn you! Open at your own risk....!!!


Q: Who can be a donor?
A: Anyone can sign up. If you are below 18, you will need parental/guardian consent.

Q: What is organ donation?
A: It is the gift of one’s body parts after death for transplantation. Transplantation is an operation which replaces diseased and defective organs and tissues with healthy ones from donors.

Q: What are the organs and tissues that can be donated?
A: Kidneys, heart, liver, lungs and pancreas are the organs that can be donated, and the tissues are eyes, bone, skin and heart valves.

Q: When are the organs and tissues removed?
A: When death has been confirmed by two registered doctors. The doctors involved with certification of death are not involved in the transplant operation.

Q: Will my hospital treatment be affected if they know that I am a donor?
A: Absolutely not. Doctors will undertake every known measure to save your life right till the end.

Q: What about religious objections?
A: Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism recognise organ and tissue donation as the ultimate act of charity and benevolence.

Q: What if I change my mind?
A: If at any point you decide against donating your organs and tissues, inform your family and return your donor card.

Q: Will organ donation delay funeral arrangements?
A: Not at all. Following the removal of the organs and tissues, the body will be cleaned, draped and returned to the family within the shortest possible time.

Q: How can I become a donor?
A: Complete a donor pledge form and forward it to the National Transplant Resource Centre. You will receive a registration card from the centre. (Inform your family that you are an organ and tissue donor).

For further information, contact the National Transplant Resource Centre, Kuala Lumpur Hospital, at
tel: 03-9260066, 03-2942704 or 03-2942756.

Sunday, July 1

Back to the Future

Doctor Emmet Brown: If my calculations are correct,
when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour ......
you're gonna see some
serious shit.
So, Let's start by looking to the future.......shall we ?