Sunday, September 30

Spicy mini lobsters (crawfish) in China

These little lobster sure looks cute and tasty when put on the plate. BUT wait till you know more about these little creature....

These mini crustaceans are literally the garbage cleaners in the sewage treatment plants. The "dirtier" the water, the fatter these mini lobsters become. Their lungs are full of worms (see pic below) and their flesh saturated with poisonous metals. Unscrupulous merchants somehow found a way to get these marketed to eateries. Do not order this dish.

Some may even question if any gwailo enjoy these kind of food beside the chinese.
Well, at least I know Mr. bean don't by looking at his expression....hahahahaa.

Monday, September 24

Waitless!! - Fast forward through the boring parts of life

More brilliant ideas from the sprintcuts...check it out.

But I prefer to watch from

Friday, September 14


Lately I was totally swamp with works and family matters... Thinking of getting a long break from the computer (but I guess that will hardly happening). Well at least the most I can do is, stop blogging for a while. Hopefully next week I can post more sh*t over.

Monday, August 20

Funny Posters (from Mob's crib)

Source taken from Mob's crib

"Oo eiyah boh?" (Got shadow or Not ? )

“We in MCA and MCA Youth won’t be easily bullied by others, ren bu fan wo, wo bu fan ren; ren ruo fan wo, wo bi fan ren,he quoted the Chinese saying ( “人不犯我,我不犯人;人若犯我,我必犯人”, a rehash of what retired MCA leader Lee Kim Sai said in the 1980s when he was the MCA Youth Chief), which loosely translates to how one who is offended would retaliate.

“In the ‘BN family’, we are brothers, there is no master and slave, there is no question of who is being scared of who or whom should kowtow to whom,” Liow added to a thunderous applause from the 887 delegates present. [...]

Liow suggested the authorities should do away with labels like ‘Muslims and non-Muslims’, ‘bumiputeras and non-bumiputeras’ among Malaysians to eradicate racism and advocate the spirit of ‘rakyat Malaysia’.

The apex of Liow’s speech was in the closing when he said that it was never MCA Youth’s culture to brandish the keris (traditional Malay dagger).

“If we want to brandish something, why not let us wave the Federal Constitution?” he said as all of the Youth wing committee members on the stage rose in unison with copies of the constitution in their hands to loud applause from the floor.

source from Jeff ooi's blog:

Maverick says, Cakap tak serupa bikin:
The MCA could predict that they would be trashed and dumped in the coming general election.

They knew they had little hope. They had to show something, something that could rekindle any hope of getting elected.

The general public is fed up of their representation. They could do nothing to stop the rots in the government and the public services. They couldn't help Wee Meng Chee even after they had persuaded Wee to apologise. The Cabinet said the law could not forgive Wee. The law could forgive Zakaria Daros and the few executive councillors who knowingly acted in violation of the law made by them, the law-makers. The law could forgive Mohd Yusof Said in the Close-One-Eye affairs. The law could forgive the hundreds who disrupted the legally organized Forum on Article 11. The law forgive and forget about the corruptors who were named in Raja Petra's websites. The law can do nothing when Khairy brought along 500 members of UMNO Youth to threatened to burn down Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. The law... oh, the law; it was made by men, by the same parliamentarian, by UMNO, for others, but not themselves. The law, would not be used to protect the weak and the minority. The law, will and had been used to punish bloggers who expose the corrupt and exploitations. The law... is about in-law!!!

Ayam telor....oops, I mean I am the Law !

Sunday, August 19

Govn hinting on VSS scheme

VSS exercise

Government servants should get used to the idea that nobody owes them a living. If they wish to be paid for their services, they would have to work for it.

This is the case in both the private and public sectors. Comm-ercial enterprises will not tolerate anyone not prepared to contribute to the success of their operations.

Without making a profit, shareholders will have to make a tough decision either to reduce workers or close shop. Therefore, those who cannot perform will be fired.

With the Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) proposal, the Government has realised that it is time it took action to address the issue of under-performing staff or those with severe disciplinary problems.


Yeah..sack or lay off some, so there will be room for the unemployed freshies....
Those are more easy to be mold i guess.

Berhati-hati di Jalan Raya

Latest Speed trap at ELITE Hi-way installed on 17 /07/07.

Pix taken on 25/7 Driving from KLIA to Bt 3/KL/Ipoh just after Subang Jaya Exit.

SURE kena... coming down slope, kap chai also more than that 90KM

Digital Camera Speed trap unlimited shot until HD full 300GB...ha!

Effective range 300m or less...

Source from


Gang Style Killing

MCA Youth leader executed gangland-style
Regina William

KULIM (Aug 17, 2007): A MCA Youth leader was executed gangland-style by a gunman who shot him in the head twice at a traffic lights junction here this morning.
Padang Serai MCA youth vice-chairman Ching Eng Wah had stopped his car at the junction at 8am when two men on a motorcycle pulled alongside his Mercedes Benz.

One of them whipped out a gun and shot point blank, killing Ching on the spot. Ching's wife, Lau Bee Kiau, 40, was seated on the front passenger's seat.

Lau was unhurt as the gunman and his accomplice fled immediately after the shooting.

Ching, who stays in Padang Serai, was rushed to the Metro Hospital in Sungai Petani but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police, who declined comment, have yet to make any arrests nor established the motive for the slaying.

Source from The Sun & picture from The Stars.


Shocking news and it happened in broad daylight.
My condolence to the deceased family.

Saturday, August 11

Bush vs Chimp

No Comments, photo speak by itself.

Hero of Mat Rempit

Just found some funny and daring posting ... of our Hero of Mat Rempit. (or Mat Cemerlang)
If anyone who read MalaysiaToday's article on Khairy's Chronicles, this bright future young man could be the most powerful soul in Malaysia! Is it legal to make fun of our "future PM" ?

Don't sue me ah, I also no money wan! Just asking the question only.

This taken from Jeff's Oii blog.

I must say, those are pretty funny photo editing but I do pity him la. Afterall he is just Badawi son in law ma. What make him deserve such treatment.

NameWee- The real Malaysian Idol

I'm not sure if this guy will get any record deal, but his webname (namewee) is sure are most search on the internet recently. Youtube has recorded his video become top 10 most viewed on July 16, 2007. Even many Malaysians & bloggers rated this guy as the real Malaysian Idol (far more better then Mawi) ... I believe Simon Cowell will definitely agreed with it.

His most controversial Negaraku MTV video recently has been translated for non-chinese speaking viewer for better understanding his message behind the song: Check it out.
English translation lyrics
Bahasa translation lyrics

Join Namewee Fans Community Forum - Where the 粉丝 gathered!! ^^

Tuesday, August 7

Black or White, True or False !?

"The Royal Malaysian Police is now split into two camps. On the one side is the Commercial Crime Division which made its move on the Chinese organised crime syndicate on the instructions of the Deputy Minister of Internal Security. On the other side is the Criminal Investigation Division that appears to be the protector of the Chinese organised crime syndicate. One wants to get rid of the Chinese organised crime syndicate and the other wants to get rid of the police officers who wish to get rid of the Chinese organised crime syndicate. And at the pinacle of this very weird pyramid is the Minister of Internal Security. Hmm.....I wonder who that is! I wonder whether the Minister of Internal Security himself is aware that he is the Minister of Internal Security. Don’t be surprised if he does not because most times he does not know whether he is coming or going."

source from Malaysia Today

Wow! another powerful article from RPK (Raja Petra), if what this guy said is right...then the country is in real deep sh*t. What more can I say...

Malaysia Boleh setelah 50 tahun Merdeka.

Friday, August 3

Proton new "Sedan"

Above is a comparison between the proton's new "sedan" and current Gen2.
Look closely and let us know where is the difference.

Spyshots from PaulTan

Thursday, August 2

Die Hard 4.1 eh ?

MINNEAPOLIS - The entire span of an interstate bridge collapsed into the Mississippi River during evening rush hour Wednesday, sending vehicles, tons of concrete and twisted metal crashing into the water.

The Interstate 35W bridge, which stretches between Minneapolis and St. Paul, was in the midst of being repaired when it broke into several huge sections.

The Homeland Security Department had received no indications Wednesday night that the collapse was related to an act of terrorism, department spokesman Russ Knocke said in Washington.

Monday, July 30

New DAP in Puchong ?

Blogger Ooi to join DAP and contest in polls

PETALING JAYA: Prominent blogger Jeff Ooi is set to join the DAP and contest in the general election.

The DAP is planning a “welcoming ceremony” on Tuesday to announce his crossover from blogosphere to party politics. Top party leaders as well as some of Ooi’s blogger friends will attend the ceremony.

Ooi, in his 50s, is an e-business consultant but is better known for his blog which focuses on current issues with an emphasis on politics. He is also an expert of sorts on the new media.

According to sources, the party has Ooi in mind for the Puchong parliamentary seat as well as the Kinrara state seat.

Thursday, July 19

"Pandamaran King" face 13 charges

PETALING JAYA (July 18, 2007): For constructing a mansion without approval and defaulting on assessement fees for 11 years, all he got was a slap on the wrist; for serving as a senator while a bankrupt, he got away scot free. But it seems that luck is running out for Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros.

On Friday (July 20), he is expected to appear in a Kuala Lumpur sessions court to face 13 charges under the Companies' Act 1965.

Each charge comes with a fine of up to RM30,000 and five years jail.

Detail report from Sun2Surf : Zakaria faces 13 Charges


What about these guys ? Are they off the hook ?|!

'It is the architect’s fault' - Faizal Abdullah. The third Klang Municipal Councillor who constructed a bungalow without approval.

'Everyone is doing it, but my house is small' - Mazlynoor Abdul Latiff. The second Klang Municipal Councillor caught building his house in Kampung Raja Uda in Klang without approval.

How many millionaires are there actually in Singapore?

In the recently released World Wealth Report, the number of millionaires in Singapore has increased in number. Last year, some 67,000 Singaporeans had at least USD1 million worth of assets, an increase of 21% over the year before. Singapore's number of millionaires is the world's fastest growing, followed by India and Indonesia growing at 20.5% and 16% respectively.

(Lim Hong Eng/ Sin Chew Daily) reports:
Am I A Millionaire? Updated:2007-07-16 19:14:47 MYT
"To become a real millionaire, he must at least have a decent home, be dressed attractively, travel overseas and visit expensive restaurants frequently. Perhaps, he should also have a vacation home. Besides car, there is as well a small yacht. If he still has to constantly worry about insufficient money to lead his remaining life, then he is but a poor millionaire!"

But if someone takes the SGD1 million to a place where the standard of living is relatively lower, then he can really lead a millionaire's life. He can buy a mansion with only SGD200,000 and have maids serving him, and spend the rest of his SGD800,000 over the next 20 to 30 years. Then he can proudly claim to be a millionaire.

Alternatively, he can look for a comfortable home in the countryside or village, where there is mountain, water and sufficient food. He also doesn't have to worry about inadequate pension. He is a millionaire who can really enjoy himself!

At the end of the day, how many millionaires are there actually in Singapore? It seems that no one has the actual answer.

I would rather not have USD1 million, but can live really like a millionaire!

SINGAPORE ~ High living Standard, Low Quality of Life ?!?
Kiasu say: No I don't agree at all, Singkapor is a 'Fine' City ma!.